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NAME_NOT_RESOLVED: -105 (error)

Instead of grabbing the groups from the Master list you need to grab the groups that are added from the "Choose File" button.
So all you need to do is create a .txt document of where you want to save the groups to and choose that file "Choose File" button circled in the image below.  
Why you may ask is because the software will only recognize the urls of the groups not the name and the urls of the groups.
See image below 
Check it out this is what you have probably have in the text document that you loaded up which is why you are getting this error.
See example below -
The above is incorrect -
This is what you should have in the text document below instead -
Again you can only use the url's not the name of the groups and the urls.
You can also watch this video below to fully understand how to gather groups
and post to groups as it will walk you through the entire process -
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