Site Build It Review

What is Site Build It?

Site Build It (SiteSell Inc.) is very popular on the Internet for its dedication and focus in helping small business owners to build highly profitable online businesses.

Site Build It continues to be a less expensive and easy-to-use solution for online small businesses. The company claims that their user interface can help everyone, no matter whether the person is technically a novice or someone that has a lot of online experience.

This means that anyone can build an income-generating website just by following the simple instructions provided on the site.

Here is my review about Site Build It that will clear up all your doubts about the claims provided by the company:

How ‘Site Build It’ Works?

In order to get started with Site Build It, I would first recommend you to start from the homepage of the website.

After having gone through the homepage, if you think the road map for building your online business is interesting, go ahead and start there. Also, don’t forget to view the video tour that can be seen by clicking here.

Site Build It is promising it’s users that they can build a successful online business in the following easy steps:

1. Brainstorming:

The Site Build It service provider is providing it’s users a tool called “Site Concept Finder” which will assist you in finding your favorite niche.

Using this option will allow you uncover the site concepts that are more likely to work out in building your online business. You can utilize this to compare, as well as contrast, several keywords at a time.

Moreover, the usage of filters and/or pre-tasks will help you in determining the best-suited niche for your new business thereby opening the door of various opportunities by allow you to compare the various business concepts against one another.

2. Building and Hosting:

With Site Build It you have the opportunity to select your own domain name which will be registered in the name of the user. After this, you will be given the option to select a mobile-friendly theme for your website.

3. Traffic Building:

As you all know, traffic building is the most important part for monetizing your website and the task of building traffic for your website will be assisted by Site Build It. All the following tasks will be handled by Site Build It itself in the background:

Creation of sitemaps
Keyword research and analysis
Search engine tracking
Page ranks
Click analysis

As the above-mentioned vital tasks are being handled by Site Build It, which allows the user to just focus and concentrate their attention on providing engaging content which ultimately will be the catalyst for generating revenue for the site over time.

4. Utilizing Social Media:

Today, social media plays a critical role for almost all online businesses. Using Site Build It, you can use this to your advantage to drive many customers to your business.

This way, you are making it easier for them to share your content which will generate more and more traffic to your website.

5. Making More Money:

There are many ways to earn more money by utilizing and making use of various tools within Site Build It. Some of them are as follows:

Selling ad space
Attracting sponsors
Using market affiliate programs
Marketing skills

Outstanding Features

Here, I’m not going to list out all the features of Site Build It but only the ones that stand out from the various other products that are similar and available online today:

1a. Guided Road Map:

Although almost all the service providers are providing some type of roadmap(blueprint) today, I would say the roadmap from the Site Build It website is just outstanding. From the first video of the “Action Guide”, it breaks down the exact path that a user needs to take to have the success that they are looking for.

2b. One-Stop Solution for Several Problems:

Things like search engine optimization, sitemap, ranking, tracking, and even analytics are carried out in the background by the Site Build It itself therefore making the platform very user-friendly.

3c. Site Build It for WordPress:

This is the solution that is provided by the company which provides the users with a plugin for WordPress. This way, you can easily integrate all of the great features of Site Built It into your WordPress site.

4d. Social Media Pinning:

This feature is provided by Site Built It which will help users in reaching out to their followers in social media and opening up the doors for getting even more traffic.


For the new users who would like to try out Site Build It, they allows users a free trial for 90 days.  You have a 90-day money back guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality that is being offered.

The video tour chapter of the action guide is very useful in providing the users with a high level overview and a basic understanding.  Site Build It offers 24/7 online support to all the private forum users. 

Pre-built mobile-friendly designs enable users to build their own website very easily and requires no knowledge of coding.


The WordPress plugin for Site Build It is missing the following:

Email marketing options
Detailed statistics

In the beginning you need to have patience starting off with Site Build It to be successful
New users may get overwhelmed when viewing Site Build It for the first time.  

Site Build It is a proprietary platform that requires a person to follow step by step instructions in order understand all of the features that are available.


In order to make use all the features that are being provided by Site Build It, you need to pay $29.99 per month. However, you can save US $60 per year by choosing the yearly plan which is $299.


Although the price is quite high compared with regular web hosting services, I would recommend Site Build It for it’s outstanding features, step by step guides, and technical support provided to its users.

I would say that this is the best possible option anyone looking to grow their online business without any hassles.

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