Note: Please do not try and pay with an eCheck via PayPal as you will not receive access to the product.

Please Read The Following Below

Step # 1 - Before making your purchase please make sure that you white-list the following domains: + + (please do not send any emails to any email addresses on these domains as they will not be read). The only way that we are able to send and receive communication is through our support desk at

You can setup a filter within your email account to ensure that any emails that you are suppose to receive go directly into your inbox instead of your spam folder (should that happen).

Here are some brief instructions on how to white-list an email address if you are using a commercial email service provider such as: Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo - Click Here

Step # 2 - Make sure that you have access to the PayPal email address the you will be using to make your purchase (this is also your primary email address) as this is where your license details will be sent as soon as you make your purchase. Your license details consists of the license email which is your PayPal email address used to make the purchase and the license key which allows you to activate the software.

Step # 3 - If for some reason you still did not receive your license details within your email inbox you may want to check your spam folder.

Note: If you have an, custom email address, or one that is not widely known you may want to signup for a free Gmail account by clicking here to use so that there are no delays in receiving your license details.

Step # 4 - Save your license details some place other than your computer or email account just in case you lose access to your email account or if something happens to your computer by using as a free service like DropBox.

Step # 5 - If after all of the above you still have not received your license details within 15 minutes after purchasing please just send a support ticket to us by clicking here and we will get this to you as soon as possible.

Step # 6 - If you have any questions or concerns prior to purchasing we are more than happy to answer them, just submit a support ticket by clicking here as the only way that we communicate with our customers and non-customers regarding all questions or concerns.