VIDEO #1. Quick Walk through Video

VIDEO #2. Overview - Part 1

VIDEO #3. Register A Domain Name - Part 2

Click Here To Get A Domain Through NameCheap

VIDEO #4. Get A Hosting Account - Part 3

Click Here To Get A Hosting Account Through HostGator

VIDEO #5. Connect Your Domain and Hosting Account - Part 4

VIDEO #6. Setting Up Your Email Account Within Your Hosting Account - Part 5

Note: If you have a Hostgator account you can enter one of the two url's below within the custom url field

Just place your domain name where it says "" for either of the 2 links below and that would be the link that you would enter into the custom url field within the software interface

Link #1 -
Link #2 -

VIDEO #7. Last Steps - Part 6

Note: Depending on how often you are sending emails out you will want to periodically switch out the domain name and purchase a new one to keep your deliverability rate high.

Deliverability rate simply means that your emails are making it into the recipients email inbox.

We would recommend doing this if you are sending emails out everyday about once a week.

You can buy .info domains which are cheaper than .com or .net domain extensions if cost is a concern as they can go for around $2.00 for the first year (which you would not need them any longer than that anyway).

VIDEO #8. How To Spin Your Content