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You Can Receive 50% Instant Commissions
Promoting Our Products!

Yes, That Means You Get Paid Immediately!

You can create a substantial income stream as an affiliate when promoting SoftwareXchange products and products packages.
Get paid when your referrals purchase our products and products packages.

The PaySpree Affiliate Network Program...

  • Is FREE to join. No purchase is required. If you would like to become an Affiliate just sign up below!
  • IMMEDIATE income directly into your PayPal account!
  • You have incredible products to promote that your target audience will respond to!
  • Gives you immediate commissions when your referrals purchase our products and products packages.!
  • ... and so much more!

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When you sign-up below you will be asked to log into the PaySpree affiliate center where you will be able to get your affiliate links, track your sales, manage your account, and select any of our available products and products packages to promote.


Our site lists each of our products and products packages which are available for you to promote.

You can then use your affiliate links to promote our products and products packages to earn INSTANT COMMISSIONS which are paid directly into your PayPal account.

Get Paid Instant Commissions!

Commissions paid by PaySpree Affiliate Network work a little different than you may be used to with other affiliate programs that you may have come across.

With an average traditional affiliate program you have to wait to be paid your commission payments for sometimes weeks and maybe months.

With all of our products and product packages offered on the SoftwareXchange, you get your commissions paid immediately and directly to your PayPal account via PaySpree.

With The PaySpree Affiliate Program There Is None of The Following...

  • No being at the mercy of product owners who do not pay commissions!
  • No waiting for weeks or longer to get paid your commissions!
  • No worrying about who is keeping track of your commissions!

Here at SoftwareXchange, you are more than an affiliate and paid like a Reseller.

Built into the PaySpree affiliate platform is an "Instant Direct Pay Commission System".

That may sound kind of confusing, right?

Let's break this down so that it makes perfect sense...

SoftwareXchange (as an example) offers a 50% commission for affiliates on our products and product packages - (NO SPLITTING COMMISSIONS - EVERY DIME GOES STRAIGHT TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT).

So, when you refer a person to one of our products or package packages through your PaySpree affiliate link... the PaySpree affiliate system alternates who get's each referral and who get's paid from that referral.

Here's a quick example below...

Here’s How You Get Paid!!!

1st sale – 100% goes directly to merchant PayPal account.
2nd sale – 100% goes directly to your PayPal account........
3rd sale – 100% goes directly to merchant PayPal account.
4th sale – 100% goes directly to your PayPal account........

NOTE: You must have a verified Premier or Business account with PayPal in order to receive payments because personal PayPal accounts are limited in the amount of funds and types of payments they can receive. You can open a free PayPal account by clicking here.

Get How Does The Instant Split Pay Commissions System Work Exactly?

PaySpree uses an instant pay option to manage their affiliate program, which in our opinion is preferred over the current "adaptive split pay" programs offered.

As stated above, commissions is not really the best word to use to describe the affiliate program. You're really treated more like a reseller than an affiliate. The sales on our products are alternating commissions, not splits (refer to the example above) and these are paid directly to your PayPal account fully in compliance with all of PayPal policies.

(1) If a product package sells for $197.00 and the commission is set at 50%, then the first sale goes to the merchant - the second sale goes directly to you, third sale goes to the merchant... etc.

You get the full $197.00 (minus PayPal fees of course) paid directly to your PayPal account. Your referrals are cookied to you for that product package as each product and product package has it's own referral link.

So How Much Money Can I Make As An Affiliate?

Our products and product packages range anywhere from $49.00 up to $197.00. So you could make this amount per product or product package sold based on the number of products or product packages sold.

Literally You Can Receive Unlimited $49, $97, $127.00, and $197.00
Payments Straight To Your PayPal Account!

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Full Version of How The Affiliate Program Works and How To
Sign Up For The PaySPree Affiliate Network

What Do I Need To Join?

You will need to sign up for a verified Premier or verified Business PayPal account. This is FREE, so no worries.Once you sign up at PayPal (or upgrade your personal account), enroll here as Affiliate and start promoting!

Note: You do not need to be a customer in order to become an affiliate and receive payments.

It Is Highly Recommended That You Watch The 2 Videos On This Very Page Prior To Promoting and Referring Others To Our VIP Inner Circle Memberships/Product Bundles/Single Products Through Your Affiliate Link(s).

This Is To Ensure That You Have Everything Setup Correctly To Include Your PaySpree Profile Page, PaySpree Affiliate Link, and To Familiarize You With How Commissions Are Paid.

It Is Your Responsibility As An Affiliate To Ensure That These Things Are Setup Correctly So That You Get Paid When Sales Are Made.

We Do Not Handle Affiliate Commissions or Affiliate Funds As All of This Is Managed Through PaySpree.

Should You Have Any Questions or Concerns About Commissions Please Feel To Contact PaySpree or Visit The PaySpree Affiliate Support Center By Clicking Here.

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Do I Get Paid Across All Products and Product Packages When I Refer Someone Even If They Do Not Purchase The Original Product or Product Package That They Were Referred To?

What Is My Affiliate Link For The Products or Product Packages That I'm Able To Promote?

Core Software Products and Core Software Products Packages Promotion Tools 

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  • core software product package #1
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